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Membership in the Association

United we are:

  • The fire service’s legislative voice at the state and federal levels
  • Nominating authority for various fire service boards and the Texas Commission on Fire Protection
  • Approval entity for volunteer firefighter automobile license plates
  • Authority for additions to the State Firemen’s Monument at the state capitol
  • One of the main certification entities in Texas    

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Firefighter Books and Training Materials

Our bookstore offers firefighting books, EMS books, study materials and instructor curriculum from all of the nation's leading publishers.  Our expertise and customer service can't be beat!  



Participation in the SFFMA Certification Program is not a membership requirement, but is highly recommended. 

  • For the department:  increased availability of state and federal grant money.
  • For the individual:  volunteer firefighter license plates, a career track to full-time employment, and waiver of tuition/fees toward a degree in Fire Science.
  • For the community:  a possible reduction in homeowners’ insurance rates through improved ISO rating.

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